New Perspectives of Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City

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“New Perspectives of Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City” project was developed under our “Supporting Sustainable Cities” program supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. This project aims at improving city’s capacity of engaging various stakeholders regarding data for implementing and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for more democratic city governance.

FNS funds our “Supporting Sustainable Cities” program since 2016. Every year, the project focuses on one central concept of sustainable city. So far, the program covered such concepts as e-participation, women’s participation, inclusive governance, innovation, data-based local policy, strengthening data ecosystems, access to data, and community-based data/ Volunteered Geographic Information for supporting sustainable cities

In its 8th year, “New Perspectives of Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City” project aims to improve data driven policy for achieving Sustainable Global Goals by gathering all relevant city stakeholders. As a follow-up of the 2020 project namely “Improving Data Ecosystems for Sustainable Cities“, we plan to gather representatives of local authorities, civil society, academia, and private sector for discussing “how to collect, analyse, and share data” and “how to collaborate for influential and innovative decisions and actions for sustainable cities”. During this project, we will organize roundtables in 3 cities, prepare a policy report on how cities can benefit from strong data ecosystems in their sustainability policies and actions, 3 podcast discussions, and a launch panel where we will share the outputs with a larger audience.

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