e-Participation for Sustainable Cities

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TESEV launched the Supporting Sustainable Cities project in 2016, in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation. E-Participation for Sustainable Cities is the first project of this program. The project aims to encourage e-participation in cities’ achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

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The project focuses on the concept of e-participation, bringing together the three key components of sustainable city; Governance, technology and citizen communities. Experts on sustainability, sustainable city and e-participation set workshops at Seferihisar (Izmir), Terme (Samsun), and Akdeniz (Mersin) that brought local governance, civil society and unorganized citizens together. The workshops were framed by the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). Following the conceptual section, the participants collaboratively planned the e-participation practices to find solutions for local challenges. After the workshop series, Sustainable Cities, e-Participation for a Politics of Local Commons report was published and discussed at a round table meeting that the experts and all stakeholders involved in the project were included.


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