Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) for Sustainable Cities

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“VGI for Sustainable Cities” Project aims at enhancing civil society organizations (CSO) which are currently working on or have potential to work on disaster and building a stronger network of civil society in Turkey to support smart sustainable cities.
FNS funds our “Supporting Sustainable Cities” program since 2016. Every year, the project focuses on one central concept of sustainable city. The project, covered so far, concepts like e-participation, women’s participation, inclusive governance, innovation, data-based local policy making, improving data ecosystems and access to data. In 2022, the project focuses on the concept of Volunteered Geographic Information.
While the 2022 project emphasizes the importance of citizen participation for sustainable cities, it questions how to design a process made that will allow the voluntary participation of communities and the free flow of local knowledge in order to eliminate the digital gap between the system and citizens in disaster management. For this purpose, it is planned to work with volunteers in the selected neighborhoods and to develop dialogues on VGI with local governments and non-governmental organizations working on disasters.

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