Improving Data Ecosystems for Sustainable Cities

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“Improving Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City”  project aims at improving cities’ capacity of engaging various stakeholders on data for implementing and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a more democratic city governance.

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FNS funds our “Supporting Sustainable Cities” program since 2016. Every year, the project focuses on one central concept of sustainable city. The project, very successfully covered, so far, concepts like e-participation, women’s participation, inclusive governance, innovation, and data-based local policy making. Every year, through diverse activities (including trainings, workshops,  international conference, roundtables, policy briefs, field note, reports) the project reached diverse representatives of municipalities, public sector civil society organizations, academia, and private sector. All project activities so far advocated and supported sustainable cities in 10 cities of Turkey. In its fifth year, the project offers a new perspective gathering all previous concepts and audience it reached in a comprehensive way: improving data ecosystem for sustainable city. The project defines data ecosystem as a network of actors who a) regulate collection, processing, and sharing of data and statistics; b) execute data collection, processing, and sharing; c) analyze and make sense of data; d) read data for policy recommendation; e) make policies and action plans based on data; and f) take action for sustainable city.

The expected results of the project include a) increased knowledge on opportunities and limitations of urban (spatial) data in Turkey, b) increased advocacy for improving urban (spatial) data in Turkey for sustainable city c) increased capacity for multi-stakeholder partnerships for improving data ecosystems for sustainable cities

Web seminar: (in Turkish only) Improving Data Ecosystem for Sustainable Cities

TESEV Interviews: Data Sharing for Urban Governance – Dr. Rob Kitchin, Maynooth University

TESEV Interviews: Human Centric Data for Sustainable City – Teemu Ropponen, MyData Global

TESEV Interviews: Interoperability for Sustainable Cities – Davor Meersman, Open and Agile Smart Cities


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