Human Centric Data for Sustainable City: Teemu Ropponen

2 November 2020

In the interview that has been made under Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNS) supported TESEV project called Improving Data Ecosystems for Sustainable City, Teemu Ropponen (General Manager of MyData Global) answers the questions.

MyData Global’s mission is ‘empowering individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data’. Why does human centric data matter?

In this project we define data ecosystem as a network of stakeholders operating in one or more of the processes of creating, collecting, processing, and sharing data. MyData Global seems, in that perspective, to be a data ecosystem. How do cities benefit from your work?

How do citizens and other city stakeholders benefit from your work?

How does your ecosystem contribute to sustainable city?

How do you think this work can be improved in the future?

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