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Data-based Local Policy Making for Sustainable Cities

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The Data-based Local Policy Making for Sustainable Cities project was developed under Supporting Sustainable Cities program conducted by TESEV since 2016, with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The project aims to examine the concepts of data governance and to increase innovation capacities of local decision makers by facilitating data-based policy making.

The concepts examined in the Data-based Local Policy for a Sustainable City project include data management, data governance, big data and open data. A study visit in Amsterdam has been organized with 5 municipal representatives to examine how local decision makers use data governance to develop data-based policy. In addition, a report will be prepared on conceptual information and data management cases, open data, big data and how cities can use them in data-based policy development.

Finally, the content of the report will be presented to a larger group at an event in Istanbul where municipal representatives from 10 cities will come together.