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Model: Empowering Civil Society for a More Democratic Local Governance

2018 - 2020

Empowering Civil Society for a More Democratic Local Governance (MoDeL) Project has been developed within the scope of Republic of Turkey and European Union supported Partnerships and Networks Grant Program for empowering cooperation in between Public sector and CSO’s. The Project aims to empower municipal – civil society cooperation.

Partners of the joint project conducted by TESEV are Şişli Municipality and Association of Union of Citizen Assemblies, while the participant contributor is Checks and Balances Network. The Project is implemented with the participation of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and municipalities operating in Adana, Ankara, Burdur, Gaziantep, İstanbul, İzmir, Kars, Sinop, Van and Yalova. In the first phase of the MoDeL Project, a national evaluation report will be prepared, examing the challenges and opportunities for Public – CSO cooperation. For this report, a comprehensive national survey, local difference analysis studies for the project provinces within the framework of EU and international good governance indicators and local roundtable meetings with relevant stakeholders are organized. Then, in line with the shortcomings that the report will point out, capacity building trainings for corporate and governance and public – CSO cooperation are prepared for civil society organizations. In the third phase, a participatory digital platform will be developed as an effective and sustainable democratic mechanism for CSO’s and municipalities. The scope of the project aims to strengthen the cooperation between CSO’s and municipalities and empower CSO’s governance capacities in Turkey, for a more democratic local governance. Through a digital platform to be obtained at the end of the project, it is aimed to maintain the effective communication and interaction between CSO’s and municipalities that has been provided throughout the project with participatory cooperation.

For more detailed information you may contact the Project Manager Akif Burak Atlar via: akifburak.atlar@tesev.org.tr

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