Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI)

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2012 - 2022

Founded in 2012 with the financial support of the European Commision, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption in Southeast Europe (SELDI) network, which TESEV is also a member of, carries out projects on anti-corruption and transparency. In between years 2012-2016, the two projects led by Bulgaria based Center for Democracy Studies (CSD), with project partners’ participation from Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Crotia, Bulgaria and Turkey, it is aimed to improve the capacities of civil society organizations that work in the field of anti-corruption, to form a sustainable struggle strategy, to conduct in-depth researches on perception of corruption, energy and informal economy and to shrare relevant policy proposals with large masses from civil society to decision makers. In the third phase, conduucted under the leadership of Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) in 2018, capacity building, monitoring, advocacy and awareness raising activities are being carried out, again in order to realize good governance and anti-corruption targets in Southeast Europe. Reports of the project which combine both regional and national findings are published at TESEV website.

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