Equal Public Spaces

Our partners in this project

2022 - 2023

Equal Public Spaces project is carried out by TESEV as a part of THE:PLACE – Turkey Hand in Hand with Europe: Programme for Local Authorities and Civil Society Exchange Program funded by Mercator Foundation and carried out MAD – Center for Spatial Justice and ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy). The project progresses in cooperation with Maltepe Municipality and its Italian part is carried by Kallipolis, the EU partner of TESEV in this program.
Equal Public Spaces project aims to design gender-sensitive and inclusive public spaces in collaboration with local authorities and civil society. For this purpose, the project in which the importance of data-based decision making is emphasized, the strategic plans of local governments will be examined primarily in terms of their sensitivity to gender. To better understand the inclusiveness of public spaces, urban walks will be organized to spaces determined by participatory methods. At the last stage of the project, all outputs will be combined in a report and presented to many national and international institutions, especially to local authorities. It is therefore aimed to support decision-making institutions for policy development for such inclusive public spaces.

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