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Empowerment of Women in Local Governance

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With the support of the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul, Empowerment of Women in Local Governance project aims to empower women in local governments and local civil society.

The relationship between women’s representation in all metropolitan municipalities in Turkey and the services they provide for women were examined during the project. In this context, the qualitative and quantitative effects of women’s representation on municipal services for women were examined. Following the analysis of women’s representation in 30 metropolitan cities, a detailed analysis of the services for women in 11 selected provinces was made by considering geographical distribution and political party distribution. Since the data of the metropolitan municipalities assigned to trustees were very limited compared to the other provinces, they had to be excluded from the scope of the research. The field work was carried out in five provinces, Aydın, Gaziantep, Konya, İstanbul and Ordu, in consultation with women councilors, bureaucrats, CSO’s and city council members working for women. A round table meeting was held in Gaziantep and local stakeholders were gathered together with the project implementers. The report compiling the findings of the project was shared with public in İstanbul.

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