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Definitions and Expectations Regarding the New Constitution

21 November 2012

“Definitions and Expectations Regarding the New Constitution” is the third report published under the umbrella of TESEV Democratization Program’s constitution monitoring project, Turkey Constitution Watch (www.turkeyconstitutionwatch.org).

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The survey, that is the subject matter of this report, took place in 12 regions (grouped under the headings rural, urban and metropolitan) in Turkey. 2700 people from these 12 regions were interviewed for the study, and the results have been analyzed by KONDA Research and TESEV Constitutional Monitoring staff. The survey included questions such as “Who do you think should have the biggest authority in the governing of the country?,” “Which of the following opinions do you most agree with about secularism/ laïcité?,” “What should be the language of instruction in primary schools?,” and “What should be the content of “religious instruction” classes?.”

We believe that the report makes an important contribution to the debates about the new constitution in Turkey by showing what the popular demands are.

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