Accessibility Model in Sultanbeyli

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2018 - 2019

The Accesibility Model project in Sultanbeyli aims to facilitate data-based policy making for a sustainable city.

Accessibility Model in Sultanbeyli2019-09-18T15:21:57+03:00

The project aims to reveal the characteristics of all pre-school education institutions (kindergarten, day nursery, pre-elementary), health institutions and parks within the borders of Sultanbeyli and examine the accessibility of these institutions. For this reason purpose, demography, education, health and green spaces were examined using determined variables, district, Istanbul and Turkey comparative, an inventory of physical characteristics of existing pre-school education units, health units and parks was established and accessibility to the units was measured. It is aimed to visualize and present the obtained information in a format that will be used by municipal and district residents.

Within the scope of the project, Accessibility in Sultanbeyli: Data and Design Focused Thinking Practices workshop was organized.

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