Trieste Urban Walks & Study Visit

17 May 2023 - 21 May 2023

Within the scope of The Equal Public Spaces Project, a study visit to Trieste, where TESEV’s project partner Kallipolis Aps has its office was organized. During the study visit, TESEV project team assisted Kallipolis in the preparation of the Italian leg of the urban walks organized in Maltepe in Türkiye and participated in two urban walks in Trieste. The results of the study visit helped to rethink the methodology of the second urban walks in Maltepe. It also helped to get feedback directly from the participants about the results of the walks, which will be reported at the end of the project, and to better understand the similarities/differences between Türkiye and Italy.

Trieste Urban Walks & Study Visit2024-02-20T11:02:53+03:00
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