Roundtable: Equal Public Spaces Project

16 March 2023
Maltepe Yaşar Kemal Kültür Merkezi, Istanbul

In Maltepe Yaşar Kemal Culture Centre, a roundtable was organized within the Equal Public Spaces Project which is carried out by TESEV in a collaboration with Kallipolis and Maltepe Municipality, as a part of THE:PLACE programme supported by Stiftung Mercator, managed by ALDA and MAD. The meeting aimed at gathering local gender-equality focused CSOs, citizens and local municipality representatives together for planning 2 urban walks in Maltepe. Following a brief introduction session, information about project and methodology of urban walks was presented by Gizem Fidan (TESEV Project Manager). Accordingly, participants discussed about the survey method and possible questions that can be added/removed with their experiences and observations. The final session was about possible places in which urban walks will be organized and suitable dates. Bahadır Keşan (Maltepe Municipality Strategy Development Directorate) made a presentation about possible places and routes which can be feasible for the project. Among these alternatives and other suggestions, participants decided on the public place for urban walks.

Roundtable: Equal Public Spaces Project2023-10-19T12:37:49+03:00
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