Purple Map – Social Risk Mapping

2020 - 2023

The Purple Map Project is implemented in partnership with UNWOMEN and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Purple Map – Social Risk Mapping2022-07-04T13:18:14+03:00

The project aims to strengthen gender-sensitive governance at the local level, support local governments in providing gender-sensitive services through gender-sensitive policies and plans, and improve participation by encouraging citizens to share data. The Purple Map aims to be a reference and information center for women in cities by demonstrating gender-sensitive municipal services such as women center, social aid and day-care centers.

The social risk map of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (https://morharitam.ankara.bel.tr/) was completed in 2020 with great success, and UN Women further promoted social risk mapping to be mobilized by other municipalities in Turkey. Digital policy tools on gender equality will be developed for 6 new metropolitan municipalities by 2023.

The first platform (morharitam.eskisehir.bel.tr), which is prepared for Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality was launched in June.


Event: Eskişehir Purple Map Launch Event




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