Final Meeting: Exchange for Equal Public Spaces Project

13 September 2023

The final meeting of the Exchange for Equal Public Spaces Project, implemented by TESEV and Kallipolis as a part of THE:PLACE programme supported by Stiftung Mercator, managed by ALDA and MAD, was held online with participants from Türkiye and Italy. In the meeting, Çağla Ayaz and Gizem Fidan from TESEV with Alice Poli and Valentina Tomadin from Kallipolis (from Italy), shared their project method aiming at designing a participatory process for gender-sensitive public spaces. Then, the findings and recommendations for the two pilot cities of the project, Maltepe (Istanbul) and Trieste, were discussed. The meeting was held with Italian-Turkish simultaneous translation.

Final Meeting: Exchange for Equal Public Spaces Project2023-10-19T12:33:57+03:00

Urban Walks for Equal Public Spaces: Notes and Recommendations

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